Ruskin Man

Ruskin Man, Stylist and Concept artist for photo shoot




Ruskin Man is a shoot that I ran in the summer of 2015 for a multi-brand menswear store. The store wanted the photos to use in a social media campaign. I asked the shop owners what they wanted to achieve from the shoot and through discussion we ascertained that they wanted to express that the shop was there for all ages and types of man. They also wanted to engage with the local community, as the store was only a year old. I made the decision to use local people in the shoot rather that professional models, this really helped engage the with shops costumers, the photos were of people that they knew or recognised and the relaxed nature of the poses made the whole shoot and therefore the shop feel more accessible. One of the models ran the local key cutters, one was a lifeguard, another an animator. We also used the shop’s Owner and Saturday boy, the ages ranged from 17 – 60. I contacted and engaged all models. I also scouted out the locations as well as styling each of the models before and during the shoot. Throughout I worked closely with the photographer to direct the actual shoot.