This project was all about upcycling; we could do what ever we wanted as long as the materials that we used had been upcycled. I wanted to use something really unusual and as I was living by the sea that led me to the idea of sails. I used social media to try and find some sails that were heading the bin (as believed that the authenticity of the project was important) and managed to track some down. I loved the bright colours large zigzag stitching and the big black numbers and letters covering them. The material was really interesting to work with. When designing I took a lot of inspiration from the sails themselves, I wanted to make sure that I included all the interesting elements in them. Things like the clear window in one of the sails, as well as all of the sails straps.

I also looked at lifejackets a lot, which is what inspired the necklines on both garments. To embellish the garments I used all discarded fishing nets that were given to me when I went to pick up the sails from that harbour.