1950’s Historical Design



For this project, everyone was given a different time period to work from. I was given the 1950s. I took my inspiration for this design from the threat of nuclear war, something that was a big worry for people in the 50’s. I liked this idea of using this potentially destructive thing that was a constant threat, but one very much out of the control of people. I looked and took inspiration from many elements of the nuclear bomb, including the mushroom cloud and the scarring that people were left with after the horrible attacks. I likened these horrendous times to the torment of Lady Macbeth; she is a powerful and destructive character that can easily manipulate people with her power, and I felt that this was very fitting.

I chose a more formal look for the design to show Lady Macbeth’s status, and the colour pallet we were given was red, white and black which fitted what I was doing very well. For the petticoat I developed a print inspired by the mushroom cloud, this is then hidden by the dress that has embellished ‘rips’ in it exposing small parts of the underskirt. This is representing the chaos and destruction that she creates but is trying to hide.